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One of the greatest strengths of being a designer with an business background is that not only I can handle the graphic aspects of a project, but I can also fully understand, participate and even lead the technical aspects of those same projects. I help you make money, creatively.

Graphic Design

I am a self taught illustrator, drawing since I could hold a pencil. In grade school, I won every art ribbon that was obtainable and now I am a designer who strives to marry my love of art and design by finding a harmonious balance between functionality and aesthetics. With every graphic challenge, I aim to create living masterpieces with my distinctive visual style that will shine through the most difficult corporate and personal project.
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Web & Digital Design

I have been using computers since the 1970s but started my professional web design career when I graduated from the Art Institute of Charlotte in 2003. I specialize in creating aspirational user-centered websites, consult on application UX/UI usability and assist with digital strategies for great individuals and small to large sized companies by helping them market their products/services successfully.
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Audio Visual Portfolio

Audio and video communicates the pride the organization has for how far it has come, it reveals the possibilities for the future and it instills within the audience or viewer a sense of purpose. We can do a project from scratch or take on parts of projects if you would like a hybrid approach between do-it-yourself and full service. We are all about collaboration, meeting you where you are and working with you to get where you want to be.
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Copywriter Portfolio

As an online copywriter, my copywriter services are directed primarily at websites and e-books. This includes reviewing, planning, and writing content for blogs, knowledge centers, article marketing, and of course your main corporate website. I’ve been providing copywriting services professionally since 1995, and I’d love to talk with you more about your online copywriting needs now!
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